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Figburn's News

Posted by Figburn - 3 weeks ago


Long time no see!

Contract Rush DX is entering its last quarter of development, or around that at least. We're wrapping up Contract 6 of 8, so we are definitely reaching the end! Sorta almost. nearly. There's also upwards of 50 Sub-Contracts with smaller levels and challenges we also need to finish up so... It'll be a busy year.

Recently, we put out a trailer that has lots of new footage in it, including an animated portion I did. damn it took way longer than it should've but it turned out pretty rad so ITS ALL GOOD I GUESS.

Also as I was writing this I thought I should release something specifically for this news post so here is a LEVEL THEME woahh. This plays in the Rooftop Suburbs level, which you can see more of in the trailer!

Anyway, that's all for today. Remember the best way to support the game is by wishlisting on steam, and following on twitter! I always appreciate the support!

happy bday tom fulp



Posted by Figburn - December 14th, 2023

Kind of a late post but Undertale Yellow came out! WOOOOOO!

Well, maybe not everyone here knows what that is. Undertale Yellow is an Undertale fangame that I have been helping out with for the last nearly 8 years. We released a demo in 2016, which got pretty positive reception at the time, and continued to work on it up till release, which was on the 9th of this month.

The game was a big part of me progressing in artwork, and all of my Newgrounds uploads were posted AFTER I had already started working on it. I recently posted the launch trailer animation on here, but also here is a gif of a key shot that I animated in the trailer that didn't make it into that upload:


Also having worked on the game is Spasco, who is the co-creator of Neon Rhythm. If you enjoyed that game, there might be some little touches you'll notice in UTY.

It'd mean a lot to me for the folks on here to check it out! A lot of things I've learned from working on this game are being carried over to Contract Rush DX, so you can see where a lot of the DNA comes from.

Speaking of Contract Rush...

The game is still making great progress! Now with UTY out of the way, we will be able to work on it much more. We plan to stay quiet on it until we release the next trailer which shouldn't be TOO far away, so stay tuned.

That's all I've got for now. time to get back to the GRINDDD



Posted by Figburn - October 7th, 2022


Yo! It's been a while since I've talked much about the development on Contract Rush DX, especially here on Newgrounds. That means its probably a good time for a DEVLOG.

Where we're at: Right now, we are implementing systems for Sub-Contracts. These are challenge levels that have a variety of objectives, upon which completing you get a lotta CASH. There is a star ranking system, with different qualifiers for getting the stars.

The objectives for these levels can be anything from getting to the end of a short level in a time limit, breaking targets smash bros style, or beating special bosses. It's our way of adding lots of new gameplay types in without deviating from the general run n' gun style of the main levels.

The money you get throughout the game can be used to unlock CHARACTERS, of which we're aiming for around 5. Starting with only the protagonist, Cynthia, you'll meet new characters throughout the game who you can then hire onto your team. They'll then hang around the Cafe when not being played in a level.

Speaking of the cafe...


This is the Cafe, Caffeine Rush. It's the hub area of the game where you can talk to NPCs, or shop.

There's more to the area that isn't quite ready to be shown yet, but we've been making strides in adding all the extra padding to make it feel more like a real game. The title screen, file select, and pause menus have all also been mostly completed.

I also recently put up some more music from the game, so check that out!

The game has definitely gotten much bigger than it was originally planned, which I guess tends to happen with games.. Still though, I'm very happy with how its turning out. The overall structure is coming together, and even the STORY is being added in more. Haven't talked a whole lot about that, but there are plenty of story elements to tie everything together.

It's come a long way since the original newgrounds version. Things like shooting up, a melee attack, and crouching weren't even in there!

That's it for now, if you haven't yet be sure to check out the steam page for the game. I updated it recently and I'm thinking of putting this devlog there in the lil steam updates section or somethin. I wont add this part to it though this is just between you and me looool




Posted by Figburn - June 11th, 2022



Me and Trent have been working on a fighting game project on the side for a while now, and to celebrate Picoday here's a small tease of it!

I don't want to give too much away, but it is a 2D fighter with gameplay similar to Guilty Gear, and a focus on Newgrounds-originating characters. We're hoping to finish it up this year, with a small roster and plans to add more characters to it overtime.

And for Contract Rush DX, we've been making a ton of progress on it recently. We are nearing the 50% point in terms of completion of the game, and have been occasionally posting updates to the games twitter account.

Anyway thats the end of this figburn direct, pretend I had a "one more thing" at the end and it was like cyberpunk 2 or something


Posted by Figburn - February 21st, 2022


Its been a while since the last update, huh. Me and @Trent-Sama have been working hard on CRDX, and we're finally ready to show off some of the new stuff added. New playable character, new stages, new bosses, all that.

The trailer also shows a bit of dialogue, which is something we've added since the original game. Theres actually gonna be NPCS and STORY and SHIT.

Development has been going smoothly! I'd say we're around 40% done with the game, which is more than I expected to be at. There's still plenty left to go, but I give an optimistic estimation on the release date as late 2022 or early 2023.

There's also new music you can listen to, from the new stage C:Drive.

Thats all for now I suppose, you can also follow the Contract Rush twitter account for more consistent updates.





Posted by Figburn - October 29th, 2021

Me and Trent have gone back and polished up Contract Rush Dress-Up, along with adding more clothes and colors!

The game should now feel much smoother to play and use.

Also, we're doing a mini art contest with it! Just make any creation in the game, reply to this post with it (or on twitter with #contractrush), and we will pick our favorite 3 to get steam keys for Contract Rush DX! This is a short contest, so we'll be picking winners on October 31st


Here are the three winners!




Keep in mind that game is still SUPER early in development, so those keys are more of a pre-launch kinda thing and it'll be a while before they're playable.



Posted by Figburn - October 4th, 2021

The steam page for Contract Rush DX is now up! The game itself still has quite the ways to go, but you can now wishlist it in advance. From what I know, wish-listing is the best possible way to support a steam game before launch, so please consider it!

We've also released a slightly updated trailer to celebrate. The game is making steady progress, most of the major plot points (this one will have a story!) have been written out, and we're hoping for a 2022 release.

We still have more we wanna show, but we'll wait till a bigger trailer to show that stuff off. Hopefully we can get more updates out sooner!

Here is some art for one of the NPCs in the game, who you may recognize from some of my previous art.




Posted by Figburn - May 25th, 2021


Me and Trent have been working on Contract Rush DX for a few months now, a full sequel/expansion to the original game. I mean.. 99% of the game will be new stuff, but it'll include the city stage from the original as the intro level.

Watch the trailer here.


A bunch of new levels and boss fights, multiple new playable characters, NPCs and MORE. Currently the new character we have has melee combos and a super move, as well as some ranged options.


I've got no clue but hopefully some time early next year, anything can change as we've got a lot left to do!


The full release will be on Steam, although I'm hoping we can get a newgrounds demo up here sometime in the future. Unity is kinda wack when it comes to webgames so we'll see what we can do on that front. Newgrounds is where this game started off so I want to have it playable here in some form.

I hope to share a lot more progress for the game in the future, but for now here are two of the music tracks I made for the game:

Mansion Level

Mansion Boss

iu_314170_5166098.pnghell yea