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Contract Rush DEVLOG???

Posted by Figburn - October 7th, 2022


Yo! It's been a while since I've talked much about the development on Contract Rush DX, especially here on Newgrounds. That means its probably a good time for a DEVLOG.

Where we're at: Right now, we are implementing systems for Sub-Contracts. These are challenge levels that have a variety of objectives, upon which completing you get a lotta CASH. There is a star ranking system, with different qualifiers for getting the stars.

The objectives for these levels can be anything from getting to the end of a short level in a time limit, breaking targets smash bros style, or beating special bosses. It's our way of adding lots of new gameplay types in without deviating from the general run n' gun style of the main levels.

The money you get throughout the game can be used to unlock CHARACTERS, of which we're aiming for around 5. Starting with only the protagonist, Cynthia, you'll meet new characters throughout the game who you can then hire onto your team. They'll then hang around the Cafe when not being played in a level.

Speaking of the cafe...


This is the Cafe, Caffeine Rush. It's the hub area of the game where you can talk to NPCs, or shop.

There's more to the area that isn't quite ready to be shown yet, but we've been making strides in adding all the extra padding to make it feel more like a real game. The title screen, file select, and pause menus have all also been mostly completed.

I also recently put up some more music from the game, so check that out!

The game has definitely gotten much bigger than it was originally planned, which I guess tends to happen with games.. Still though, I'm very happy with how its turning out. The overall structure is coming together, and even the STORY is being added in more. Haven't talked a whole lot about that, but there are plenty of story elements to tie everything together.

It's come a long way since the original newgrounds version. Things like shooting up, a melee attack, and crouching weren't even in there!

That's it for now, if you haven't yet be sure to check out the steam page for the game. I updated it recently and I'm thinking of putting this devlog there in the lil steam updates section or somethin. I wont add this part to it though this is just between you and me looool





Youre an amazing artist i hope u know

thank u luis..

This is a crazy jump from the original game. Can't wait to play it!

every few weeks I go back to replay the original, just to refresh on the differences and yea, it’s pretty friggin crazy!! i forgot to mention it in the post but we also finally got around to overhauling the intro level, so now the level itself is also way upgraded from the original

*kisses my contract rush figure, wipes ketchup stain off of my contract rush t-shirt and drools on my contract rush key-chain* fffuck... I need this fucking game

@Figburn I feel that. I sometimes go back to my original game of Rushdown Rivals and I'm always in shock at the differences. Also didn't know her name was Cynthia

the name is kinda interesting because we’ve had it decided since we were making the first game, but I think we’ve only said it publicly in like 1 or 2 spots? it’s displayed prominently in the game now though